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The Right Type Church Service For You

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Many years ago, church was the same for most people. They'd show up Sunday mornings, dressed in their finest, and plan to stay for at least a couple of hours, if not longer, listening to a "fire and brimstone" preacher proclaim the gospel and warn the congregation of eternal damnation if they didn't repent and live a life worthy of salvation. In today's churches, though, the underlying message of repentance and acceptance of God is still the same, the way the message is presented is like night and day. In fact, in today's churches in sebring FL, there are different types of services, traditional and contemporary, allowing everyone to attend the service most pleasing to them.


Traditional services embrace the familiar. Old time hymns are sung by the choir while the pipe organ plays, and church members follow along in their hymnals. The sermon is clearly based on the King James Version of the Bible, and most members either follow along in their Bibles, carried from home, or the one found in the back of the church pew. Most people are inclined to dress up to attend this church service. Many, especially older men and women, wouldn't think of attending in anything other than a dress or suit. To them, this is familiar, this is home, this is church.

Contemporary church services are usually attended by a younger crowd. In this service, the songs are more contemporary and upbeat. Some songs sound like pop or rock songs and most are accompanied by a guitar or live band. The words of the songs are put up on a screen for everyone to follow along, as they are not in hymnals. The message, while based fully on the Bible and the plan of salvation, is geared toward more relevant topics adults face in today's world. These sermons tackle issues most struggle with, with workable solutions to conquer the problems while still honoring God. Dress, in this service, is more casual. Anything from jeans and tee shirts to dresses and suits can be expected. Children and teens may be seen in shorts during the summer.


It really doesn't matter what church sebring service you attend as long as you take to heart the message spoken. One type service is not right while the other is wrong. To God, it doesn't matter how you worship, only that you do worship!

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